Gross! Soap Scum! She Didn't Want to Clean It Herself, So Instead She Did This & It Cleaned Itself Just Using a Little Dish Soap

Gross! Soap Scum! She didn't want to clean it herself, so instead she did this & it cleaned itself just using a lttle dish soap. Just a little bit of dish soap can come to the rescue to take your shower from grimy to glistening in a matter of minutes. Whitney from She Knows, a Canadian website dedicated to bringing us all the latest and greatest household tips and tricks, writes about 32 different ways we can use dish soap. Did you know that you can use dishwashing liquid for so many things around the house? And you can also use it for personal use as well. In a pinch, dishwashing liquid can come to your rescue many times and act as a stand in for other household cleaning products or maybe a replacement. Whitney's mom used dish soap for everything around the house when Whitney was growing up. She would use it for cleaning and even for taking off nail polish as Whitney says. While it might not remove your nail polish, it can do a lot of other fabulous things that you may have not even been aware of before.

Dish soap comes in many different brands and in different formulas which can make it hard to choose which one you want to use. Everyone is different in their preferences when it comes to dish soap or to other household cleaning products so it is helpful to try them out and see which one you like the best. There are the popular brands like Palmolive and Dawn dish soap, as well as Ivory and Sunlight. These brands have great advertisement that makes them as popular as they are now, and in the 50s and 60s, they were advertised to housewives across America over the television and have never lost their allure. The nice thick lather of soapy bubbles is what everyone loves about a good dish soap. People love to immerse their hands in the nice smelling bubbles when they are doing their dishes and not have to deal with all of the grease that comes from dirty dishes. A good dish soap is able to lift all of the grease off of a pan or a dish and leave it sparkling clean. Now, there are even natural dish soap brands that offer the same clean and lovely scent as the old fashioned dish soap but without any harmful ingredients.

Since everything that we put down our drains ends up in our waterways, we have to be conscious of what we are using when it comes to cleaning products. Natural dish soap will be a great alternative to the sulphates and parabens found in regular dish soaps and is a great way to keep our environment and our selves free from pollutants. You can use the natural dish soap for all of these great uses for dish soap too, and it will work just as effectively. Whitney suggests using dish soap to clean the scum off of your shower easily. All you have to do is rub the dish soap on the soap scum in your shower and let it sit over night to allow it to work its magic. The dish soap works well to loosen the soap scum because they have similar components. When you go to wipe off the soap, it should come off really nice and easy. Make sure to rinse with hot water to get rid of any residue. There are 31 other things you can use your handy dish soap for too. Check out the full list on the She Knows website and get plenty of awesome tips and tricks under your belt to use in your own home. You can even use dish soap for personal things like washing your hair or curing poison ivy.*

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