Guess How Much This Doughnut Costs? Hint: It's Covered In 24 Karat Gold Flakes And Cristal Frosting!

Can you Guess How Much This Doughnut Costs? Hint: It's Covered In 24 Karat Gold Flakes And Cristal Frosting! Food is something we don't just consume to survive any more. In this modern day and age, people like to enjoy the flavour and the luxury of eating exotic and expensive foods and it is somewhat of a hobby too. Foodies all around the world become enamoured with trying out the latest craze, whether its a cronut, which is a doughnut that is made out of croissant dough and deep fried just like a regular doughnut would be. Or eating grommet hot dogs that are made out of the best cut of meat, and the most expensive toppings available. It can be fun to experiment with something so harmless as food, and it can be a total experience that you remember for the rest of your life. Since food is such a bit part of our daily routine, it can be really run to go out of our comfort zone that we wouldn't normally eat, especially if it is something as yummy sounding as this Gold Doughnut.

Katie Sola, a member of Forbes magazine's staff, shares with us this amazing story of the gold doughnut that is a creation of chef Bjorn Delacruz. Bjorn, moved to New York with only a few dollars in his wallet and his violin. He worked for a corporate company for a long time, and the leaders of his company became his solid mentors. They supported and encouraged Bjorn's creative abilities in the culinary arts, and would have his cook for their social dinners regularly. Once Bjorn had been doing the social dinners for a while, his mentors suggested he open up his very own restaurant. So, he started The Manila Social Club which first began as intimate dinners held in abandoned buildings using only what he had on hand, creating an amazing dining experience for the guests. As time went on, Bjorn teamed up with is brother and sister to move into a permanent location, which they are successfully running together today. The food Bjorn creates is a wonderful fusion of his Philippine cuisine, mixed with a modern and creative flare. The recipes he make are not only mouth watering, they are quite inspiring.

A 24 karat gold doughnut with Cristal champagne chunks of jelly, is a pretty bold move to make, but a very awesomely creative recipe to conger up. Bjorn originally made this dazzling doughnut for the first night that he introduced - DJs an Doughnuts, a fun evening where people can come to his restaurant and try his innovative recipes. Then, on New Year's even, he made a batch of these expensive doughnuts to honour his staff for all of the hard work they do and a photo ended up on Instagram, and other people really wanted to purchase and try the gold doughnut. How ever did he come up with the idea though? He had been eating one of the regular doughnuts he makes while sipping some Cristal champagne, and noticed how well the flavours complimented each other and thought of his visionary idea to make this bling filled doughnut. The price does make sense, since he brushes each doughnut with 24 karat gold leaf and tops each one with shredded gold leaf, and includes the Cristal vintage champagne which costs around $300 per bottle. When Katie tried it she exclaimed how amazing it tasted, which might make you really want a taste of the doughnut, so you too can find out what a Gold Doughnut is really like. The special gold doughnut is made to order, once a week and Bjorn whips the recipe up himself. People like to buy them mostly for another person as a very special treat that the receiver will remember forever.

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