Guide to Growing Early Girl Tomatoes

There many different types of tomatoes, one of the most popular one that you always see in supermarkets are the Early Girl tomatoes. Vegetable gardeners in America love to grow them in their backyards as well as on their patios in containers. An Early Girl tomato could grow as big as the size of a tennis ball and it is also what most people would say is the look of a standard tomato. It is quite popular because it is one of the first tomatoes to mature, so you know you are going to get some early eating. Thus, the name Early Girl.

This variety of tomato is perfect for dry land farming. That simply means that low watering methods are involved, which forces deep rooting. In the result, these tomatoes grow with a higher flavor concentration.

These tomatoes grow well in soil that is nutritious and cultivated. It is highly recommended that the soil you use for this is a bit acidic, but its not that necessary. The great thing about choosing to plant this type of tomato is that they dont require maintenance as soon as you have established them. Do not let the area of your tomatoes go overcrowded because that will hinder their growth. Discard the smaller ones if you see they are beside a larger fruit, this will make the production easy and fast.

When it comes to watering them, make sure that you water it on the ground and not from the air. This will prevent the fruit from rotting easily, and it will help the root to grow right and well. Early Girl tomatoes are not as prone to acquiring common tomato diseases, and this is why they are best for organic methods of growing.

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