Gummy Bear Layer Cake

Cakes are definitely a favorite dessert for the old and young alike, cakes have been around for hundreds of years, and are a sure addition to any sort of celebration, from birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, showers and weddings. Cake decorating has taken on a whole new meaning in recent years, with the advent of cake decorating shows, classes and competitions, this "Gummy Bear Layer Cake" was just too irresistible to not take notice.

This colorful cake can be made by both the experienced baker and the novice baker, it just depends on how you do it. For the experienced baker of course you'll want to prepare your cake from quality whole ingredients and make your mix and icings from scratch, and for the less experienced a boxed cake mix will do. The different layers of cake are put together with colored icing that is a nice complement to the colorful dummies on the outside. The white icing which is perfect for holding the colorful dummies that cover the entire cake. This cake is just too adorable, it is something that would go over well at a kids birthday party, or any party for that matter, it is just a lovely looking cake, and really easy to do. It would be an ideal cake to have the kids help out with, something that mom could pretty much let them decorate on their own, because you are just pressing the gummies into the icing (you'll probably want to watch that not too many of the gummies go into their mouths).

Cake decorating has never been as popular as it is today, and there are so many resources from cake decorating websites, cake decorating books, cake decorating brochures and cake decorating classes that all levels of experience can partake in this fun and tasty hobby. A trip to a local craft store or craft aisle can easily inspire with the endless array of icing tips, fondants, fondant rollers, sprinkles, food coloring for icing, cake carriers, display stands, and decorating bags. Other things you will find include decorating sets, decorating tips and accessories, decorating tools, dowel rods, cake pans in a variety of shapes and sizes, and flower making accessories. Stencils, sugars, fondant and gum paste accessories and the list goes on, and on. It's hard to not get carried away, if cake decorating is something you are thinking of doing.

You will want to take a closer look at this cake, it might just be the coolest cake ever! Especially for kids, with all the color and of course the gummy bears who can resist. What makes this colorful cake so unique is the great use of ingredients to achieve the look you are going for. Some of the ingredients in the icing recipe Gummy Bear Layer Cake include softened salted butter, sifted confectioners sugar, some vanilla extract and some milk. You can also use green, red and yellow food coloring this is however optional as some kids are allergic to food dye, especially red food dye. You certainly can't forget the use of the gummy bear candies in the icing recipe, they are the thing that takes this cake out the park.

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