Ha ha! Funny Food Creations!

It's always so much fun to have a different take on the food on our dinner plates, especially when you have kids, for example, you might cut a sandwich into a dinosaur shape, or create a cake that is shaped like a popular character. Check out these absolutely hilarious foods in this article - "Ha ha! Funny Food Creations!," these people take food creations to a whole new level! Our parents were always telling us not to play with our food, but why not? When you have more fun in life, you tend to be a happier person with less stress and a more positive outlook on life. This ridiculously funny article gives us all permission to play with our food, or at least have a laugh with other people who are playing with theirs.

For starters, the first photo food creation makes chicken wings into a woman's legs adding some other fried foods for the rest of her voluptuous body! It totally looks like a little lady laying on the plate. Then, there is the red hot Harley which is a motorcycle made out of chilli peppers and limes! How brilliant! This would be so fun to make for a biking fanatic. Then there is a very detailed turtle fruit bowl, the colourful and amazing design, that uses a watermelon rind for the turtles shell and body, and underneath it all, the turtle is an amazing fruit salad! How cute would that be for a kid's birthday party or just for a play date for little ones instead of all those sugary snacks. There is even actually some Banksy street art recreated into food! Some fun with onions, with an onion face and a cute looking onion grasshopper, for which they used fresh green onions. Then, there is an adorable rice kris pie bird, a Simpson family bento box and orange peel art that looks like a little man made out of an orange peel is carrying the mandarin orange! So funny! You will see bok choy made into fish, chicken and chicks made out of egg shells, with an egg as the sun. These photos are great, you'll definitely want to take a look!

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