Handmade Bouquet of Sweets

A handmade gift is always so endearing, especially when it's from someone you love. Here's a great diy project for a handmade bouquet of sweets from DIY Craft Project's Facebook page. Think back at all the gifts you've ever received, probably some of the most notable ones were handcrafted gifts made from the heart especially for you. With so many different products on the market these days, it can be rare for people to make gifts for each other, but that doesn't mean that it's completely out of style. Making fun and easy diys is the perfect way to show someone you really care about them. So much that you wanted to go above and beyond the mass marketed gifts and put some true thought and effort into something. It's great that there are so many websites online like DIY Craft Projects, that give us a ton of diy ideas and projects to do so that we always have something new to work on. Your list of diy ideas will never run out when you create a collection of your favourite ones from different websites. Using Pinterest is a great way to compile all of your diy ideas in one, easy to access place. Plus, other people will see the projects you've posted and they can try them out too.

This diy idea is featured on a video from LikeMoments, a page on Facebook. The creator takes a bunch of Raffaello candies and makes an amazing bouquet with them, showing you how to make one yourself. All you need for this diy is some Raffaello candies, or some other type of individually wrapped candies or chocolates like Ferrero Rochers or something similar. About 10 - 12 of the chocolates should be enough to make a nice bouquet. You could try to make it with less, but the impact won't be as big. Then, you take some special thick crepe paper in the colour of your preference, in this case they chose pink, but red or even white would match with the wrapper of the candy. You cut a shape in the paper that looks like a ballon with a flat bottom, which they show in the video so you can copy it. Since the crepe paper tends to be a bit malleable, when you stretch it, it curls in on itself creating a lovely little rosebud shape which the candy is inserted into and wrapped at the bottom. Then, a toothpick is glued onto the bottom of the rosebud to secure it in place on the mounting which is made from styrofoam.

The mounting in this tutorial is shaped like a heart, and looks really sweet, but you could try out different shapes and see how they turn out. The heart is covered with more paper, and leaves are made for the rose. The little rose buds are able to be inserted into the heart shaped styrofoam in the arrangement you desire, and little embellishments like lace and little pearls can be added. The finished result looks really cute and would be gladly accepted by anyone who was receiving it. This would be one of the fun and easy diy projects you could make for a loved one or friends for Valentine's day, or it could be a nice birthday treat for someone. These little handmade bouquets could also serve as centrepieces for tables at a wedding or a birthday party so the guests can have a little sweet to take home. Enjoy this diy and other great diy ideas from DIY Craft Projects and LikeMoments Facebook pages and have fun making your own diy treats.***

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