Handywoman Pours Kool-Aid into Toilet... Just Look at What Happens Next

You'll never believe what this handy woman pours into the toilet... you just have to see what happens next. It may seem completely absurd to put something like a drink mix in your toilet to remove stains. But you only have to try it out once to see that it really works. In fact there are a lot of real life hacks Kool-Aid mixes can do besides flavour your water to quench your thirst. Edwin Perkins, the creator of the flavoured drink crystals probably never thought that his fruity mixes would be used for diy ideas and to clean toilets, but he might be fascinated to know that they do a really good job of cleaning too. Edwin Perkins created what we know as Kool-Aid in his mother's kitchen. At first, he created a fruity beverage called Fruit Smack, but it proved to be expensive to ship so he came up with a brilliant solution to save on shipping. Edwin decided to try and remove the liquid from the drink, which only left crystals behind which could then be made into juice again by adding water to them. Production began in 1931 and continued to grow, then in 1950, he sold Kool-Aid to General Foods and it's now owned by Kraft foods. We all remember the Kool-Aid man from the commercials, who was an animated pitcher of Kool-Aid. The affordability of the powdered drink solution was what attracted most parents to it, and adding a lot of sugar to the drink recipe is what made kids love it so much.

You can still find Kool-Aid for under a couple of dollars in the grocery store in a variety of colours and flavours. The reason why the Kool-Aid works so well in removing stains like those you find in your toilet, is because of the citric acid in it. You can also just buy plain citric acid at the store, but if you already have some Kool-Aid around it will work. The citrus flavours seem to work the best because they have more citric acid in them, so go for the lemon, lime or orange flavours of Kool-Aid when using it for cleaning purposes. Citric acid works so well on stains because it breaks them down, plus, the mild abrasion of the powder helps to scrub the stains away. On toilets, we often find there are either urine stains or a deposit of calcium causing a ring around the inside of the toilet where the water has sat for too long. You can also see this in your shower or in your kitchen sink sometimes. Avoid these stains and deposits by flushing your toilet regularly, especially if it's a toilet that doesn't get used a lot and scrub out the toilet at least once a week with a scrub brush. To remove toilet stains, just drop a whole packet of lemon or orange Kool-Aid into your toilet bowl and scrub with your brush. The stains should come out fairly easily and you'll be left with a sparkling toilet.

It's awesome that there are real life hacks and diy ideas like this that make our lives easier. It's hard to think of what life was like before the internet and all the sharing of these great ideas. Kool-Aid is also used for a ton of great diy ideas like tie dying t-shirts and even dying unfinished wood and our hair. It's a really affordable and natural option for people to choose over chemicals that are toxic for ourselves and our families, as well as the environment. Check out all of the other great real life hacks on The Krazy Coupon Lady website.***

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