Happy Hour Pizza Rolls

Easy and bite sized snacks are always a crowd pleaser, and they can also make for great after-school hours recipes, not only a lot more easy to plan but a lot easier to clean up after! Happy Hour (yes every one is definitely happy after eating these snacks) Pizza Rolls, are a great way to wind down the day and get ready for a relaxing evening at home. A great Sunday Super Bowl snack or grab and go picnic option if made the night ahead. You could even get the kids in on making this super easy recipe.

My house hold is like many other typical homes where once 3 o'clock hits, means that I am dashing out the door to pick up kids, take them to soccer practice, and then shuttle them back home where they demand a quick snack before I throw myself back into the kitchen to prepare dinner for 7 when Dad returns home. Its a constant go-go-go environment, so maintaining organisation and through procedure (I like to call it) makes all the difference. Many stay at home moms and dads can relate, I am sure, so this is why it's great to find recipes like this one that are great go-to recipes for snacks and quick lunches.

My kids, like all kids, love their snacks. Its so important for these little kiddos to keep fuelled up with food so that their growing brains and bodies have enough energy to keep them going and growing. And who doesn't love pizza, right? I used to buy those pizza pockets, like many people tend to do, and they are a great and easy option for sure. But I found that not only were they way too much money, they were also spoiling their dinner, and really, they were a whole lot of white processed dough with very little contents or filling. The less processed food in our bodies, the better, so it is always nice to keep it as natural as possible. That's when I came across this great website, almost blog, created by a busy mom, just like me, with loads of snack and meal ideas. Fantastic!

Happy Hour Pizza Rolls are easy to make, and they store in the fridge or freezer for later use, so they're absolutely handy. All you need to make them is egg roll wrappers, pepperoni slices, mozzarella cheese, oregano, oil for frying, she uses peanut oil, and some pizza sauce for dipping them into. You can change up what you fill inside and, of course, build them to be as bite size or substantial as you like. It would be nice to do some vegetables in them that the kids like, or to have a hawaiian style pizza one with ham and pineapple. For a more fancy, adult version, you could do some artichoke hearts, with sundered tomatoes and spinach. The clean up after them is also not so bad - table tops and faces are rarely left messy and a gooey saucy mess. Everyone who tries these will seriously love them !

For the full recipe, visit the 'Menu Musings of a Modern American Mom' website. Enjoy & happy snacking!

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