Have You Seen These Parking Spots That Are Painted Purple? THIS Is What It Means..

You don't have to be an eternal optimist to know that trending news doesn't always have to be negative. In fact, one of the latest trends in parking lot management is incredibly uplifting. Businesses throughout the nation are opting to dedicate one or more parking stalls to injured or disabled veterans. This new effort began in the state of Ohio, but is soon to spread throughout the remainder of the nation. It is just one more way in which people are banding together to show their appreciation for services performed within the armed forces. These new parking spaces have been painted a distinctive purple color, much like the purple hearts that are awarded to soldiers who have sustained serious harm or have fallen while in the line of duty. Best of all, this is one of the fastest growing trends among business owners who are eager to show their love for local heroes.

When it comes to trending news, there are certainly tales of people warring over parking spots and disrespecting veterans under the assumption that these individuals are not sufficiently disabled for claiming handicap spaces. These confrontations certainly aren't new, but they are becoming increasingly more frequent. In fact, one veteran received such a nasty note from an assuming shopper that he posted a picture of the letter in its entirety on his social networking profile. This interaction became a form of trending news all by itself as people throughout the world expressed both their sympathy for their veteran and their distaste for the opinionated shopper. It was events like this one that sparked the determination to establish new parking accommodations for disabled or injured vets that they could freely use without having to compete with disabled members of the general public. These thoughtful, stylish and altogether appropriate, purple parking spaces are the new brainchild of an organization called Wounded Warriors Family Support. Best of all, each new space that is painted purple in honor of a soldier also comes with an attractive, new sign that states the purpose of the purple spot. This sign reads, "Combat Wounded", and bears a picture of the well-known, purple heart medal. The purple heart medal itself is certainly not a new concept. More than 1.8 million service members have received this important distinction since 1932. With more of these new, purple parking space being created, the general public is less likely to read trending news about disabled vets being disrespected for having parked in conventional handicap spaces. Even with the addition of these new spaces, however, injured veterans still have the legal right to freely use handicap parking stalls as needed, so long as they posses handicap parking placards.

If your business wants to take part in this new movement, it's important to reach out to the Wounded Warriors Family Support organization. Not only will this organization acknowledge and thank you for your decision to create a new, purple space for disabled vets, but it will also send you a complimentary sign that designates the spot as being reserved for veterans. There is no doubt that this is one of the most heartwarming trends currently in action. It is also one of several, positive and uplifting trends that is rapidly gaining steam. To get your new placard for veterans-only parking spaces, you will only need to cover the costs of shipping. Best of all, you can pay this relatively nominal fee online. If you don't have the purple paint for creating a distinctive purple stall in your commercial lot, you can simply hang a new placard from this organization above any conventional parking space, thereby marking it as reserved for your local veterans. Opting to take part in this latest of trends is also great way to build goodwill for your business.