Have You Tried Caramelized White Chocolate?

Have You Tried Caramelized White Chocolate? White chocolate may not be for everyone; some people are just fans of dark chocolate and chocolate truffle recipes. But if you like white chocolate you will want to try this caramelized white chocolate drink recipe. White chocolate doesn't always receive the same attention that dark chocolate does, and many will argue that white chocolate isn't chocolate at all. The reason for this is because white chocolate doesn't contain any cocoa solids which is what gives milk and dark chocolate and the best dark chocolate their signature flavor and brown color. There is just something so good about white chocolate that many can't resist. To make white chocolate recipes, you need plenty of cocoa butter and milk solids to give white chocolate its velvety rich flavor.

When you think of hot chocolate recipes, typically you think about milk chocolate and dark chocolate recipes. This caramelized white chocolate drink recipe will have you reconsidering your favorite hot chocolate drink. Caramelizing white chocolate is an easy technique and recipe idea that makes that you will love. With plenty of sugar, milk, and fat in the drink recipe the caramelization process will turn this hot chocolate recipe into something complex and nutty and not just another sweet drink recipe. You might think about a butterscotch or caramel recipe with the creamy, silkiness of the white chocolate.

The process of caramelizing white chocolate for this drink recipe isn't as difficult as you might think. This recipe idea is quite different from any chocolate truffle or healthy dark chocolate drink recipe that you've ever made. Caramelizing white chocolate is quite easy to do, the trick being to start with a good-quality product that is at least 30 percent cacao butter. If you use anything that is less, it can result in a recipe that is chalky and not silky-smooth as you want it. You don't want to use a bag of white chocolate chips; they usually have stabilizers in them that make for a waxy sort of flavor and a hot chocolate recipe that is not as creamy. To start lay out an even layer of white chocolate on a rimmed baking sheet or ceramic baking dish. This white chocolate drink recipe is like nothing you've tried before and a recipe you are sure to try again.

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