He Cuts The Handle Off This Toilet Brush. Why? Pure Genius!

No one likes the pesky job of having to peel all of the potatoes to make dinner, so here is a great hack from The Crazy Russian Hacker featured on All Tips Ideas that you will absolutely love. In the video, he cuts the handle off this toilet brush, when you see why, you will agree it's pure genius. It's real life hacks like this that make cooking fun, while decreasing the amount of time it takes to do something. There are so many wonderful diy ideas and real life hacks on the internet now that you could try a new one every day if you wanted to. Many of the real life hacks we see involve cooking or preparing food. Since food preparation is a major part of all of our lives, it's great to know and use these hacks so we can spend our time wisely. If you're making mashed potatoes, it's essential that you peel your potatoes first. When you are making fries you can choose whether or not you want to leave the skin on or not, and baked potatoes don't really require you to take off the potato peel.

This hack will be done before you cook your potatoes, so even if you are making them into fries, this will work so you can cut them into strips afterward. All you need is a powerful drill, a brand new and clean toilet brush, a hack saw, a large bucket or container, and of course, your potatoes. In the video, he uses a whole bag of red potatoes to show this amazing demonstration of how quickly these potatoes are peeled using this method. First off, you're going to make your toilet brush fit into your drill socket. So you may need to cut the handle off with your hack saw first, which should be fairly easy since it's just plastic usually. Once you have your brush firmly secured into the drill, get a big bucket or container and fill it with water, you may want to do this part outside since it may get messy. Then, add the potatoes to the water, you don't even have to clean or scrub them as this trick will do it all for you, washing and peeling. When you have all of your potatoes in the bucket, take your drill and insert the brush into the water with all of the potatoes. Press the trigger and let the drill and the brush work their magic, quickly scrubbing all of the dirt and the peel right off of the potato.

You won't believe how amazingly this works, and so quickly too. He dumps out the water and puts the potatoes into a bowl so you can really see how well this method works. If there are any bits of peel left over, just scrape them off with a peeler, which won't take you much time at all. Then cut them into smaller pieces to fry, boil, or roast. You will definitely want to share this cool potato peeling method with your friends and family members once you see it. Think of how great this would work when you are making a large dinner that requires lots of potatoes to be peeled. This is a really cool and fun option for a usually fairly mundane task. Enjoy this and the many other real life hacks and diy ideas that he shares on his YouTube channel called CrazyRussianHacker. He really has some great ideas and fun videos that will prove to make our lives easier. Thank you to All Tips Ideas for featuring this great life hack with us.***

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