He Drapes Two Pieces Of Ribbon Over A Bowl, But The End Result Is Too Cool!

Do it yourself home projects are a great way to add some handmade personality to your home. In this video tutorial featured on All Tips Ideas, he drapes two pieces of ribbon over a bowl, and the end result is too cool. This is one of the fun and easy diys from Robert Mahar of Crafted with Robert. Robert has been interested in crafting for most of his life. He loves sharing diy ideas and crafts that you can enjoy by watching his easy to follow videos with step by step instructions. Robert is an artist and a designer who's style is rooted in nostalgia. He enjoys making things the way he was taught as a young child, using all natural materials and simple techniques. He works with rope, paper and other natural materials to create some particularly beautiful items. Some of the diy ideas he shares you may even recall making as a child, but they have a contemporary twist to them in his videos. It's a great way to keep some of these awesome, classic techniques alive while putting some modern flare into them. This tutorial Robert shares with us is how to make a rope bowl with some thick rope and some tack glue.

In the video, Robert shows us all how we can make a stylish bowl for various uses, or these would make great gifts to give to loved ones. It's always nice to receive an handmade gift from someone, and to give things that you've made to others as a special keepsake to enjoy forever. These handmade rope bowls would work great at a front door table to catch keys and coins, or they would be great in the kitchen to use as a place to store garlic or ginger, or in the bathroom to put jewelry or lipsticks. The options are endless. They could even just serve as pretty decor for a home and they are so easy to make. To make these lovely little bowls, simply get some thick rope in the colour and size of your choice. In the video, Robert uses some different colours to make different bowls. You can also use plain white or brown rope if you want a more natural, neutral look and style too. You could also recycle some rope found at a garage sale or a thrift store, or order some handmade rope online to support artisans.

Then, you just need a bowl that you don't mind getting dirty, which you can find inexpensively at a dollar store, or again, at a thrift store. You don't want to use a bowl from your dining ware collection, as it may get glue and residue on it. Once you have your bowl, flip it upside down and tape two pieces of ribbon to the bottom in a cross formation. This will help you when you're removing your rope bowl from the ceramic bowl. Then, as Robert shows in the video, you slowly and patiently coil the rope around the bowl, applying glue as you go along. Once you get to the top of your bowl, you're finished and ready to let the glue dry overnight. In the morning, you will have a beautiful handmade bowl that will look great in your home, or make a great gift. This is just one of the many do it yourself home projects that is shared on All Tips Ideas. They feature so many fun and easy diys and crafts that are perfect for the crafty person. Check out some of their other featured do it yourself home projects on their website.***

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