He Had A Hunch Something Was Hidden, So He Takes Out Metal Detector, Finds Rare Black Box

Wouldn't it be cool to be an archeologist? If you have ever found yourself dreaming of finding treasures in the Earth, you can live vicariously through Dr. Tones in Dirt Fishiní America. He had a hunch something was hidden, so he took out his metal detector and finds a rare black box. In the short video featured on All Tips Ideas, we see the people in Dirt Fishin' America pull several interesting artifacts out of the ground. With metal detectors and digging tools in hand, they head off to ghost towns and surrounding areas where camps were set up to find items that may have been left behind. Sometimes they find something quite big like the black box from Boise, Idaho. These black boxes were given to people by banks who wanted their business. People would store their money in the locked black box and then take it to the bank to deposit it. The black box was found by one of the guys in Dirt Fishin' America and it was a nice piece of history for them to find. They were also able to find an old Chinese coin and a weight for a scale, perhaps to weigh out the gold that had been found in the area.

When it comes to waste and recycling, junk metal can stay in the ground for decades, if not centuries. It takes a very long time for metal to decay, and so it would be better off recycled into something else so it can be used. There are many ways to recycle metals. You can take them into a metal worker who could possibly use it for a project, or, you could perhaps use it for a project yourself. For items like the ones that they are finding, you could try bringing them into local antique collectors or museums to display for others to look at and potentially purchase. Often antique dealers will pay for the treasures that are found, but it's more often a donation when dealing with a museum. You can always keep your own personal collection to enjoy as well. Waste and recycling methods will usually take waste materials and melt them down into their original form and then add it to other similar metals to make new items. Copper, silver and gold are the most sought after metals and some people specifically only search for precious metals or scrap metals to sell them for a profit.

If you would like to try your hand at Dirt Fishin' you could pick up your very own metal detector and get to work, just like Dr. Tones and his crew. It could be one of the new, fun activities to do in your area and find out about your local history in a hands-on way. Other activities to do could be to mine for crystals and semiprecious stones like quartz or amethyst. Sometimes there is a little mine that is open to the public where people can dig for the crystals and then pay for them after. Some people just find out where there could be deposits of stones or artifacts and head out with their tools to find some treasure. The equipment isn't too expensive to purchase either, so if you want to pick up a new hobby, this could be it. Plus, you get to enjoy lots of time outdoors enjoying the sights and sounds of nature. Enjoy watching the video form Dr. Tones YouTube channel and watch some of their other videos if you're interested. Check out other great news stories as well as diy ideas and much more on All Tips Ideas.***

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