He Sets A Cooling Rack On Top Of A Bowl His Next Step Is A Clever Trick Im Doing From Now On!

Every now and again you come across real life hacks that change the way you do things. These simple life hacks are great ways on how to make your life easier in the kitchen. While people are used to cutting up fruit with a sharp knife, this simple life hack is an easy way to prepare recipes when you have a lot to cut. All you need are some simple tools like cooling racks and a bowl, and you are ready to go. For the banana real life hack, you most likely want to use it when you have more than one banana to cut. You might use the kitchen trick when you are preparing a fruit salad or a healthy breakfast for a group of people. This simple life hack for bananas is also a great way to slice up a bunch of bananas to be frozen to use for healthy banana ice cream. The simple life hack for avocados is a great way to prepare avocados to be used in recipe like guacamole or to be used on avocado toast for the family. You'll want to watch the short step by step video tutorial which calls for a kitchen tool that will change the way you look at things.

This real life hack works best when you use soft fruit such as bananas. Bananas are a fruit that is originally from southeastern Asia. Bananas are also grown in many other tropical regions throughout the world. Bananas are most often eaten raw when they are properly ripened, and they can also be used in a variety of recipe ideas. If you are looking for a healthy banana recipe idea, you might consider making your banana ice cream. To make banana ice cream all you need are some sliced frozen bananas, and a good blender. Add the bananas and blend until smooth, you will also need an airtight container to store the banana ice cream in the freezer. You can add a bit of almond milk or cashew milk, along with some good quality maple syrup for additional flavor. Bananas are an ingredient that can also be dried and ground into banana flour for use in recipes. Frozen bananas can also be added to fruit smoothies as a great way to help thicken smoothie recipes along with being a healthy fruit addition. Bananas have good nutritional value and are a great source of vitamin B6 and moderate amounts of manganese, dietary fiber, and vitamin C.

This simple life hack is great if you are wondering how to make your life easier. The addition of sliced or cubed avocado to healthy recipes is always good. These days you will find the avocado fruit readily available in supermarkets all over North America. Avocados are considered a fruit as they have a large seed inside of them. Avocados have healthy avocado nutrients and healthy fats that are good for you. When it comes to buying avocados you want to get them when they are just ripe. Avocado nutrients you will find in the fruit include B vitamins and vitamin K along with dietary fiber, with amounts of vitamin C and vitamin E, and lesser amounts of iron and calcium. About 75 percent of and avocados energy comes from monosaturated fat as oleic acid.

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