He Takes A Wet Towel And Wraps It Around His Faucet. What He Reveals When Itís Removed? AWESOME!

This is an easy cleaning house tip that will have your dirty and dingy kitchen faucets looking like new again. Hard water can wreak havoc on the appearance of your kitchen faucets and sinks. Hard water is any water that contains a high concentration of minerals and can be found anywhere whether it's from old well-water to expensive bottles of mineral water. While it's fine to drink hard water it doesn't help the appearance of stainless steel and bathroom ceramic, so you will love this clean home tips for getting your faucets sparkling clean. There's no mistaking when a faucet is covered with hard water deposits they will look dull and dingy, and you will feel like replacing them. But there's no need to do that with these simple cleaning house tips. You could choose to replace your kitchen and bathroom faucets, but if you have hard water, they will only get covered in hard water and calcium deposits again.

You will want to take a look at the step by step video cleaning house tip tutorial that will show you the easy way to get your faucets looking like new again. It is as easy as using a simple ingredient that most of us have already in our kitchen cabinets. You will also need a cleaning cloth for this simple, clean home tip. For the cleaning cloth, you can even use an old cut up t-shirt if that is what you have, nothing fancy is needed. You want to start the cleaning by first drying off your kitchen or bathroom faucet so you can begin. This cleaning house tip doesn't need a lot of elbow grease; you will need some time to let the cloth do it's work, but you will be amazed at the results.

White distilled vinegar is something that you will often see when it comes to cleaning house tips. Some people think that white vinegar is just for making pickles or coloring Easter eggs, but you might surprised at the myriad of uses this inexpensive ingredient if for. Vinegar can be used for everything from medicinal applications to clean home tips and everything in between. Vinegar has a very long interesting history as it was discovered over 10,000 years ago. The word vinegar comes from the French who named it vin aigre, which means sour wine. As vinegar was discovered from a cask of wine that went bad. Through the years vinegar has been produced from a variety of raw materials other than grapes, ranging from berries to fruits, honey, beer, grains, and potatoes. No matter the source, the process of making vinegar remains virtually unchanged and is produced from the fermentation of natural sugars to alcohol, and then the secondary fermentation to produce vinegar. Vinegar is a versatile product. Around 5,000 BC, the Babylonians used vinegar as both a condiment and as a preservative. The Babylonians also are credited with the practice of adding herbs and spices to flavor vinegar. History says that it was the Greeks who first used vinegar to pickle vegetables, with the Romans using it as a beverage. Hippocrates praised vinegar for its medicinal qualities. There are even references to vinegar and its soothing and healing properties in the Bible. The best part about vinegar is that it is safe, non-toxic, inexpensive and can be used for a multitude of useful applications.

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