He Wraps Rubber Bands Around Metal Tongs To Solve A Common Kitchen Problem

Check out this awesome video from Facebook from Alton Brown. You will be so intrigued to see why He Wraps Rubber Bands Around Metal Tongs To Solve A Common Kitchen Problem! There are many things we run into while cooking and making different recipes. Sometimes we are just not sure of how to do something until someone comes along and shows us how they do it in an effective way. The internet is a wonderful place to find such great kitchen and cooking tips that you might have not been able to find anywhere else and with the use of social media platforms like Facebook, you can share your handy cooking tips with the world and also receive great cooking advice from people like Alton Brown here.

Alton was asked by a woman how to remove items that are being cooked in a water bath out of the bath that they are finished cooking in. Unfortunately, this woman tried to remove her ramekin dishes from the pan and it slipped and hot liquid fell all over her foot burning it! So please be careful when you are cooking or baking using a water bath method of cooking. Don't know what a water bath is? That's ok I didn't know either until I saw this video! A water bath is used in cooking as a way to evenly heat and bake desserts in a ramekin dish evenly. So the small dishes filled with the ingredients for a recipe like creme brle or mini cheesecakes goes into the oven in a larger, deep pan that has water added to it. Alton even suggests another cooking tip in this video, to put a dish towel at the bottom of the water bath dish in order to have more heat in the water bath. This also might help to stop the ramekins from sliding around too much. But what to do when your desserts are ready to come out of the oven? It might be difficult and risky to handle the water bath pan itself when it is filled with bolding water, it could spill over the sides and burn you. But it is also hard to lift the ramekins out of the water bath using a bulky oven mitt or a dishcloth... Some people, including the woman who asked the question, use metal tongs, but this is why she dropped the ramekin in the first place because it slipped out of the metal tongs!

So what are you to do? Well Alton has the perfect solution and all you need are your handy kitchen tongs and some heavy duty rubber bands, the ones you can find wrapped around produce you buy at the grocery store. Finally, a second use for those! For this cooking tip, you take the thick rubber bands and twist them many times over and over on the tips of the tongs. This layer of rubber on the metal tongs creates the perfect grip on the tongs that will be able to pull those ramekin dishes right out of that water bath no problem. No slipping, and no accidents that will cause you or your family harm. Isn't that an awesome tip that he has shared with us all? Alton Brown is a very well known chef and tv personality who has a great sense of humour and a knack for all things culinary. Alton shares so much on his Facebook page with all of his fans, as well as on his website where more of his recipes can be found. He really has a lot on his website, it is really cool! You can find great appetizer and snack recipes, as well as dinner recipes, breakfast recipes and dessert recipes. Try out a few of his fabulous looking recipes and stay tuned to his Facebook page for more cooking tips!

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