Heavenly Angel Food Cake

Enjoy a divine dessert with this heavenly angel food cake recipe shared on My Recipes. The recipe comes from Southern Living and is one of the many dessert recipes featured on the My Recipes website. My Recipes has a collection of recipes from all over the internet from various websites and magazines. People can sign up for a free membership with their own profile and save all of their favourite recipes to a virtual Recipe Box. Beyond dessert recipes, the website also shares quick and easy recipes for meals, as well as appetizers and side dishes. You can search through their collection of recipes on the website to find exactly what you are looking for and work with the ingredients you have on hand. There is also a great Meal Planning feature on the site that helps you to gather the recipes you will be making for the week and seeing what ingredients you'll need to get from the grocery store to make your meals. Meal planning is a great way to stick to a healthy lifestyle and you will be less likely to binge on junk food and processed foods when you have great healthy meals to make.

Now, back to the glorious angel food cake recipe. It's hard to resist an angel food cake no matter what, but when it's topped with the perfectly sweet icing, and some tasteful decorations, it's even harder to resist having a slice. Angel food cake is a light and airy cake, hence the name angel food, because it tastes like a cake made from clouds from heaven. This cake recipe is made from stiffened egg whites, which are egg whites that have been beaten vigorously with a hand held mixer or a stand up mixer on high speed. The eggs then have some cream of tartar added into them to stabilize them so they don't loose all of their air. Usually specific cake flour is used for this cake since it has a lighter consistency and will keep the finished product nice and light and fluffy. Many people bake their angel food cake in a special round ban with a hollow tube in the middle, much like a bunt pan, but you can bake your angel food cake recipe in a square flat pan or a flat round pan if you like. Be sure to read the extra notes mentioned with the recipe on My Recipes.

Once your angel food cake is cooled, it's best to cut it with a cerated knife, since it has a very fluffy, almost bread-like consistency. You can serve it how ever you like, but some great ideas are to add a whipped cream frosting with sprinkles on top, or a nice, light option is to take some frozen berries like strawberries or raspberries and thaw them in a pan over low heat and then once the mixture has cooled, drizzle it over top of each piece of cake. Otherwise this cake is also nice just on it's own or with a bit of jam, as a nice light snack. The original angel food cake recipe was developed from the typical sponge cake recipe, but instead of adding the yolks, which would make the cake yellow, the yolks are not added to the cake at all, which also makes for a lighter cake. The first published recipe for angel food cake was found in Lettice Bryan’s cook book called The Kentucky Housewife in 1839, labeled as a white sponge cake and was later published as an angel food cake by Isabella Stewart in 1878 in the second edition of The Home Messenger Book of Tested Recipes. Enjoy this great classic recipe.***

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