Heavenly Macaroni & Cheese

Oh the Glory of Southern Mac and Cheese! This mouthwatering comfort food is a heavenly and delicious comfort food. Its color and texture are inviting. There are many ready to make mac and cheeses available in the market now. These ready to make products are very convenient, but sometimes, we want something really amazing. Something we will never forget. I tasted a homemade mac and cheese, and it was very delightful. As the name itself implies, it should not be lacking in the main ingredient with is the cheese.

Before we share the recipe for this homemade mac and cheese, let us first consider its health benefits. Many of us are that now health conscious, are aware of the calories we take in at each meal. This is a kid-friendly meal that is easy to prepare and is a nutritional choice.

Let us find out the benefits. First let’s start with macaroni pasta noodles. Macaroni is made from unleavened dough with flour from other cereals or grains and added with eggs and water as to liquefy. With these ingredients, pasta is rich in vitamin A which is good for our eye sight and potassium that helps our body prevent heart disease as it reduces high cholesterol. It also has amino acids and proteins that are good for our bones. By eating pasta at least twice a week, we are reducing the risk of having bone related pain like joint pains. It even relaxes our muscles and helps to grow new skin cells.

Now as for the cheese, the grated-melted cheese that brings the magic into this awesome dish has awesome health benefits too. Cheese, as we know is made from milk and milk, is rich in calcium which is good for our bones. It helps us keep our bones strong, drinking milk daily. It also has protein which can help slow down the absorption of carbohydrates. Therefore, cheese is good as it is full of protein and calcium.

Also, research shows that cheese have anti-aging properties which are not only good for the skin but as well as to the heart and stomach.

You can make your mac and cheese even healthier by choosing whole-wheat macaroni noodles. It contains more fiber and vitamin B. You can also add steamed vegetables. Use reduced fat cheese and low-fat dairy products which is even healthier.

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