Her Dog Came Home Covered in Fleas... Her Dish Soap Home Remedy Saved the Day!

Her dog came home covered in fleas... her home remedy saved the day! She was so devastated when her dog came home and she noticed these pesky little critters on him. But she remembered her mother's advice to use dish soap for everything. So she got out the dishwashing liquid and mixed it with some water in a spray bottle and sprayed the areas where her dog sat the most to kill the fleas on contact. Apparently, the soap dries up the little bugs on contact so they die right away. Then all you have to do is vacuum up the area once the soapy water has dried for any remaining dead bugs. You may also want to repeat this treatment a couple of times to be sure that they are all gone. To get the fleas off of your pets, just shampoo them with some dish soap and the fleas will be killed instantly. Dish soap, especially natural dish soap is gentle enough on your pets and won't cause them any irritations. This is an effective, natural, affordable way to get rid of fleas on your pets and in your home. You can repeat the treatment as many times as you need until the fleas are gone.

Dish soap is such a wonderful solution to have in your home. Not only is is great for cleaning your dishes every day, there are multiple uses for this awesome soap. The great thing about dishwashing liquid is that it is cheap and you can purchase it just about anywhere. You can even find good brand name dishwashing liquids at the Dollar Store or Walmart for only a dollar or two a bottle. You can also buy a large bottle of dishwashing liquid if you find you are using it often enough. Did you know you can also use dish soap for washing your clothes? Just add a few drops to your load of laundry and they will come out as clean as ever. Have some oil or grease stains on your laundry? Dish soap comes to the rescue and is able to lift those nasty stains out of your garments with ease. You can also use a drop of dish soap on a squeaky door hinge. The soap acts as a lubricant that deters the metal from rubbing together causing a squeaking noise. Use some dish soap to clean your bathroom as well, the dish soap works to lift off any soap scum off of your shower and your tub. You can also leave the dish soap on the walls of a shower stall overnight and the scum will just wipe right off the next day.

Even your windows can benefit from having the dishwashing liquid treatment, all you have to do is mix a couple of drops of dish soap into some hot water and use the mixture to wash your windows. Wipe up the mixture with clean cloths and paper towels and shine until they glisten. The amazing uses of dish soap don't just stop there. You can use the power of dish soap to wash your oily hair and then wash with your regular shampoo after. Dish soap can also be used to lighten your hair if you have dyed it, so be aware that if you use it on your hair you might find it a little lighter than before. Poison Ivy is also cured with some dish soap because it dries the oils that cause poison ivy to spread. So now that you know some of the magical powers of dishwashing liquid, make sure that you check them all out over at She Knows. She Knows is a great website that is dedicated to bringing us all the latest and greatest in household tips and tricks. Have a look around their website and see what else you can find out and use in your everyday life.*

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