Which Laundry Detergent Works Best on Stains?

Have you ever thought that your favourite article of clothing was ruined by a nasty stain? We have all been there... Unfortunately in life there are going to be stains and we have to deal with them accordingly. But what is the best laundry detergent for removing stains? Does powdered laundry detergent work best or does liquid laundry detergent work better? These are questions we have all probably had at one point or another in our adult lives. We naturally want to know which product works the very best so we can save time and energy when having to clean our garments. There are so many different laundry detergent brands out on the market these days too, which makes it even more difficult to know which laundry detergent works best on stains. Plus, there are different types of stains that get on our clothes and they differ in how easy or difficult they are to get out. The usual stain suspects are things like ketchup, coffee, juice, wine, chocolate, grass, or oil. Most laundry detergent brands have been formulated to power through all of these different types of stains so there must be on laundry detergent that will suit all stains. But it is finding that one magical cure all soap that does it all that takes work. Lucky for us, in this day and age we have the internet and all of the wonderful people who post their experiments and findings on topics like this.

Many people choose their favourite laundry soap according to what their own parents used growing up. We become familiar with the scent of the soap used to wash our clothes growing up, and we find it to be comforting to have those same smells around. Other people don't like to have a smell in their laundry detergent at all because their skin is so sensitive, so that is another factor in choosing their personal preference. Now, people also like to use environmentally friendly laundry soap as well which is great for our health and the environment, but does it really work that well on stains? There have been many experiments conducted on which laundry detergent works best on stains. The experiments include staining white material with the usual stains like ketchup, coffee and oil and seeing which laundry detergent brand can do it all like it promises it can.

To many people's surprise, powdered laundry detergent seemed to be the most powerful for removing all of the stains effectively. The powdered laundry detergent that seems to come out on top most frequently is Tide brand. The liquid Tide brand detergent also comes out at the top for effectiveness in getting tough stains out. Tide seems to also be one of the more popular soaps that people buy regularly. Ecover Laundry Powder Zero powdered laundry detergent is an all natural, eco friendly option that comes out on top which is wonderful to see and gives people a healthy option for the soap they use but is still as effective as the conventional brands. Arm and Hammer brand also comes in a high ranking for the most popular laundry detergent in America, as well as Gain and Whisk. But across the board, it looks like Tide is a favourite for most people. Another thing to think about when choosing a laundry detergent is whether you will be using it in hot or cold water, or in a high efficiency or HE machine. Most laundry detergent brands will have a cold water and a high efficiency washer option which is great. Try out different laundry soaps to see which one you like the best.***