Her Husband Completely Breaks Down In The Photo Booth When She Shows Him THIS!

Surprise, shock, excitement, are only few of the feelings that a girl encounters when seeing a pregnancy test turn to positive for the first time. You have waited months or even years just to see this result and the feeling of excitement couldn't take you to wait to tell your husband. That feeling that you could just run to him exclaiming the news or you’ll go an extra mile to make this significant announcement even more special.

Have you ever thought about the most perfect and exciting way that you could announce a pregnancy to your husband? With a world of everyone sharing their ideas on the internet, it sometimes feels like there are not any good or new ideas left, doesn't it? The thought of bringing your husband and father to be to tears is a thought that many women dream for in this important turning point of their lives.

Meet Jessica Devins, who when she found out she was pregnant with her first child, her wish was to immortalize her husbands reaction without him knowing. So, rather than just sitting him down at the dinner table, she decided to get super creative and bring him to a photo booth to share the big news.

You will absolutely LOVE the video and the reactions of this sweet couple and their very special moment. At first he is confused, and then completely over the moon with joy of the news of his first born child. This sweet and loving reaction is a girls dream. What a beautiful moment, and we thank them for sharing it for the world to see! Who says these moments need to be private? So no matter how you say it, either with a drama, romance or humour, telling your husband that you’re pregnant and he’s going to be a dad will no doubt be a momentous event in your life. Good luck and congratulations!

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