Here Are 13 Brilliant Plastic Bottle Life Hacks

Bet you didn't know there were so many things you could do with a plastic bottles and their caps. Here are 13 brilliant plastic bottle life hacks you can try out around the house. There are so many great things that make our lives easier, from simple life hacks to diy kitchen hacks, and Tip Hero features quite a few of them. They post lists like this one that show us creative ways to use items in different ways, or finding easier ways to do things. You may have seen videos of diy kitchen hacks floating around on the internet, maybe posted on Facebook by one of your friends or family members. There are so many awesome ones like freezing your herbs in oil for ready to use herbs, or wrapping your banana ends with plastic wrap to keep them fresher longer. You can even speed up the ripening process of other fruits by putting a banana in a paper bag with the fruit you want to ripen and a day or two later, your fruit will be ready to eat. Who came up with these kinds of hacks though?

Well, there are so many, it's hard to say where they came from or who figured them out first. Some of them are old household tricks that have been passed down from generation to generation, and somehow along the way we started calling household tricks, life hacks. To hack, means to take an alternative route or method to do something, to break all of the rules so to speak and make your own way of doing things more efficiently. The term hack was first used by computer technicians who create short cuts in doing their computer programming. The work hack can also be used to describe someone who didn't do a very good job on something too, for example, "He did such a hack job on that car." Like the person made too many quick low quality fixes on something. Household tips have usually been shared in books or magazines, and there are so many collections of these tips and tricks that make our lives easier. If you were to ask your mom or your grandmother if she had ever had or heard of a book of household tips and tricks she would probably know what you are talking about. Magazines still add in simple life hacks whether they are beauty hacks, household hacks, or lifestyle hacks. They are a great way to give people something practical that they can use and remember for years to come, and hopefully share with others.

These simple life hacks from Tip Hero are all about reusing plastic bottles and their lids. If you drink bottled drinks then you probably at least have a few of these in your home, so instead of putting them in the recycle bin, you might as well make them into something useful for yourself and your family to use. It's always great when we can find another purpose for something that would otherwise perhaps end up in the landfill. Landfills are already overflowing with garbage, so the more we can do to limit that waste, the better. These are such great tips, you will absolutely want to try them as soon as you can. The list on the Tip Hero website shows us how to use bottle caps to store items, to make twine out of, and so much more. You can also learn how to make a phone stand for your smart phone out of a bottle, or a knitting spool to keep your yarn tidy. There are probably a few you can put to use.***

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