Here's a List of Recipes That Will Make You Want to Eat Shrimp 7 Days a Week

What a treat! Here are a bunch of fantastic shrimp recipes from the always amazing Cooking with Nonna website. If you love shrimp than you are in for a nice treat when you check out these scrumptious recipes. Dinner recipes can be easy to make when you have shrimp. Shrimp is one of the food items that in my household, we always have on hand. There is usually always a bag or two of shrimp in the freezer. These little guys are perfect for so many recipes, they can be suited to any type of flavour and spice. Shrimp are also very healthy, they are a great form of lean protein, with 24 grams of protein per 112 calories. Shrimp are also a good source of vitamin D, and help our bodies to absorb a lot more calcium and phosphorus, which is good for healthy bones and teeth. I personally just love seafood and fish, so any recipes for shrimp are welcome.

This is a wonderful list of delicious looking shrimp recipes from the online recipe forum, Cooking with Nonna. Cooking with Nonna is a very helpful tool when it comes to needing recipes that are tried, tested and true. These recipes on the Cooking with Nonna website come from Nonnas around the world, which is the Italian word for Grandmother. These amazing recipes have been passed down from generation to generation, and now, the Nonnas of the world are sharing their culinary secrets with all of us so that their legendary Italian recipes can live on. This website was created as a user friendly platform, where people from all around the world can join, create a user name and post and share recipes in the website's archives. Users can also try out other user's recipes of course, and favourite them or print them out to use. The website even has great video tutorials so you can follow along as people are making the recipes, which always helps when you are making a recipe for the first time.

You will be amazed by all of the awesome recipes you will find in this list, there are two pages of recipes for you to browse through that are just shrimp recipes. The one that looks the most appealing to me that I would love to try making at home is the Zuppa di Pesce Marechiara. This is basically a seafood soup with a tomato based sauce that looks divine. This recipe originated from the Gulf of Naples. Then there are all of the delicious looking salads with lots of really lovely fresh vegetables. The shrimp pasta recipes also look very tempting and shrimp is complemented so well by pasta. There are also some shrimp appetizer recipes on this recipe list, there is a shrimp wrapped in Prosciutto recipe, a shrimp and goat cheese pinwheel appetizer recipe, a shrimp in phyllo cups recipe and even a shrimp pizza recipe. You will be sure to be craving shrimp after seeing all of these delectable recipes in this list.

You can also find other types of recipes on the Cooking With Nonna website, there are recipes for every meal, as well as other appetizer recipes and dessert recipes as well. They even have holiday recipes in their archives for special occasions. So why not take some help from the Nonnas of the world and try out one of these beautiful looking recipes? You can choose your favourites and Pin them on Pinterest as well, so that you always know where to find Nonna's recipes. Have some fun with it and check back often for new recipes added to the website! Happy cooking!

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