Holographic Hair Is the Fairidescent Dye Trend We've Been Waiting For

This new trend in hair color takes it to a whole new level. In 2017 nothing is off limits when it comes to what trends people are working with. And you are sure to fall in love with the new trend of holographic hair, it's like nothing you've seen before, and it's magical, to say the least. In keeping up with what is happening in the new world of hair, there has been everything from unicorn hair dye to lite brite rainbow hair, and now, some magical hair colorists have found a way to make your locks look even more mystical and enchanted than ever. The new trend of holographic hair is one of the most mesmerizing new hair trends you will see. The trend began at the Ross Michaels Salon in Seattle, Washington, and is created using a host of Pravana shades, to include Violet, Blissful Blue, and Luscious Lavender, along with Olaplex to lock in the blonde hue. The result is one that is sure to be popular, a new hair tone that's is so dynamic it gives the appearance of translucency but is also so shiny that it does look like a hologram. Already, there are plenty of posts on social media with people showing off their newly processed locks, and rightfully so.

It seems that already 2017 is the year of the holographic trend. It all started with new holographic nails, and soon the holographic colors have spread to things like clothing, accessories and now hair color. The talented hairstylists from Ross Michaels Hair Salon in Seattle seem to have been the first to bring the term holographic hair into the world of hair coloring. This exciting new trend starts by mixing blond shades with pastel lavender, bright pink and baby pink to achieve the desirable metallic holographic effect.

You may have already seen similar new hairstyle trends titled as opal hair, but while the color scheme is similar, because of the recent holographic trend, this new hairstyle trend is here just in time for summer.

According to an interview with Redken colorist Chiala Marvici of Modern Salon, the new trend of holographic hair is done with a technique known as hand-pressed coloring. Hand-pressed coloring uses the method of screen printing and brings them to your hair. The hair stylist paints different patterns on a sheet of Plexiglas with dye and then places a section of hair onto the plexiglass, which transfers the hair dye to your strands. The hair stylist repeats the process using pastel hues of blue, pink, and lavender onto different sections of hair or repeatedly on the same section of hair to varying the intensity of the hair color. The new technique is faster than other popular color applications like balayage and foil and allows the hairstylist to have greater control over the vibrancy of the new look. To date, Marvici has only taught a handful of hair stylists the new technique, but it is sure to take off fast. Unfortunately, for rainbow shades to look holographic on the hair, the client must first have a hair color that is light like blond or gray, so you want to know that before heading to the hair salon. But if you're willing to take the chance, the result is so gorgeous it looks like it the hair was sprinkled with pixie dust, and people can't get enough of the fun new trend.

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