Homemade Baked Egg Rolls

We have a tasty recipe for homemade baked egg rolls from Joyful Abode featured today. It is These rolls are fantastic and easier to make than you think.

I am lucky as my family grew up eating egg rolls, so these recipes always appeal to me. I loved the days when I saw my own mother busy making homemade egg rolls. It is one of my favorite foods and one that lots of families never attempt to make and just order in a restaurant. I am here to say that the egg rolls my mom makes are better than the ones in the restaurants and fast food chain. My mother's egg rolls are satisfying, very crunchy and savory. Being a vegetarian she used veggies inside the rolls like carrots, potato, mushroom, and garlic. She chopped the carrots and potatoes into smallest pieces and cooked them in a pan with a selection of spices before putting to the egg rolls. The key is to maintain a moist filling after they are cooked. My mother would deep fry the rolls. The result was impossible to resist with its crispy exterior and delicious filling. The flavors were extremely excellent and tasty, and leftovers made their way into the refrigerator, when there were any, and that would be only if she made a double batch!.

This featured recipe is for a baked version off egg roll. The rolls, once assembled inside egg roll wrapper with the tasty ingredients are lined onto a baking sheet. The baking process is a lot less messy and easier than deep frying. It also is a more healthy version as we all know that deep frying is super delicious, but baking means less fat being absorbed in the food.

We think you are going to love this recipe, and you can find the complete set of ingredients and instructions at the 'Joyful Abode' website below.

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