Homemade Cavatelli with Broccoli

Do you love Italian food? Here is a great authentic Homemade Cavatelli with Broccoli recipe for you to try out and make a dinner just like Nonna would. Cavatelli is pasta recipe that is pretty easy to make at home yourself, but you can buy it at the store ready made too. They look like tiny sub buns or curled up taco shells. What is great about making this pasta is that you don't even need a pasta maker to make it! You basically just make the dough and cut it all by hand!

This particular recipe calls for the cavatelli but doesn't tell you how to make it, but you can find many easy recipes on the internet. This super simple recipe will be on the table in no time and is loaded full of broccoli that is so good for you.

The ingredients you will need for this homemade Catatelli with broccoli recipe include homemade cavatelli, broccoli, garlic, peperoncino and extra virgin olive oil. To start bring a large pot of salted water to a boil, then add the broccoli and let boil for approximately ten minutes. Then add the Cavatelli to the water and cook until they are al dente. Then drain the pasta and the broccoli, but leave some of the water in them. Then in a saute frying pan add some extra virgin olive oil and make it hot, then add the garlic and the peperoncino. When the garlic turns a nice golden brown, pour the live oil and the garlic over the Catatelli. Mix together and serve.

The Cooking With Nonna website was created by people who want to share the time honoured tradition of passing down recipes from generation to generation. Commemorating Nonnes all over for their amazing culinary skills and abilities. Rossella is the host of the website and the face you see on the Cooking With Nonna website, who began her passion for Italian cuisine from a young age helping out her own Nonna and family in the kitchen, wanting to learn all there was to learn. Rossella wanted all the Nonnes to have a place to pass down their recipes for future generations to learn and pass down so that the tradition of Italian cooking doesn't fade away.

Rossella is also the host of the all new online cooking show and food webisode series of the same name, Cooking with Nonna. Rossella was born into a family of cooks and food lovers. In her house there was always something on the stove. Rossella is a first generation Italian American from Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, with her roots being from Mola di Bari, a small fishing village known as Mola in Italy where her parents were born. For Rossella and her family, cooking was never just about cooking, it was about being with family, community and spending quality time with each other. Rossella spent most of her childhood in the kitchen with her maternal Grandmother Roman who she learned the long legacy of recipes passed down through the generations.

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