Homemade Chocolate Lasagna

Wow, just wow. I challenge you to find a better word to describe this chocolate lasagna (that's right, CHOCOLATE lasagna) then WOW. You're looking at thousands of calories of pure unadulterated deliciousness. This is actually a super easy recipe to learn. Chocolate lasagna really takes the essence of lasagna... and then makes it out of chocolate. Holy smokes! All I can say is yummy yummy goodie goodie...

Are you ready to learn the recipe? If yes, then prepare your notes and jot down the following:


- 1 pack oreo cookies

- 6 tablespoon melted butter

- 1 8 ounce cream cheese

- 1/4 cup sugar

- 1 container cool whip

- 2 tablespoon cold milk

- 2 packs instant chocolate pudding

- 3 1/4 cup cold milk

- 1 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips


Crush 1 pack of oreo cookies manually or you may use a blender. Stir in the 6 tablespoon melted butter. Compress into the bottom of 13 by 9 size of pan and put it in the fridge..In a mixer, mix the cream cheese until it reaches a fluffy texture. Add the 2 tablespoon cold milk and sugar. Mix it well. After mixing, stir in 1 1/4 cup of the cool whip and spread it all over the crust.

Combine both pudding and the 3 1/4 cup milk, beat until thickened and spread it over cream cheese layer. Wait for about 5 minutes and spread the remaining cool whip all over the pudding layer and sprinkle the 1 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips. Put it in a fridge for at least 4 hours before serving and invite some of your friends to come over and taste your home-made chocolate lasagna, so youíll not eat it all by yourself. Share this recipe to your friends and enjoy!

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