Homemade Crunchwrap Supreme

Canít get enough of your favorite wraps? Or perhaps you are looking for a tasty snack? Look no further because we have a recipe that is just perfect for your needs. Here is a recipe for Homemade Crunchwrap Supremes. Most of the ingredients may already in your kitchen, but if not then you will find them at your nearest grocery store. Make sure to buy the bigger flour tortillas. Why? Because the bigger they are, the more your filling will be completely covered. If in any case, if your tortilla is not big enough to cover the filling, you can just cut out a small circle from another flour tortilla and placed it on top of the exposed area and just re-wrap the filling.

The Wrap is a type of sandwich that is made of soft flat bread that is rolled around a very tasty filling. The usual flatbreads used are wheat- flour tortillas, lavash, and pita. The filling can consist of a variety of ingredients such as sliced cold meat, vegetables, and condiments like ranch and honey mustard. This homemade crunch wrap supreme has an exciting Mexican twist to its taste, because of the ingredients used. Mexican dishes are best known for its unique spicy flavor.

Corn tortillas are used to make tostadas. Tostadas are actually a corn tortilla that is baked until it is super crunchy. If you canít find a corn tortilla, you can just get use tortilla chips because they are made from corn tortillas too. For added flavor, donít forget the taco seasoning and sour cream. They make a great pair for this recipe. Of course, this would not be complete if you donít load it up with lots of nacho cheese.

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