HomeMade Modern DIY Outdoor Concrete Bench

'Instructables' is a fabulous place to learn how to make all kinds of things,including this homemade modern DIY outdoor concrete bench. Start with building the molds for the concrete blocks. Then move onto building the seat. In the end you are left with a beautiful outdoor bench perfect for around the campfire or for a quiet place to sit in the garden. Made with concrete and 4x6's you will have a lovely modern peice for your yard or garden. Finished with a deck sealer or water repellant product and it will last you for years to come!

Concrete has been around since 3000 BC, where it was used to build the Egyptian pyramids. While it is different from the concrete we use today, it is no less superior, as the pyramids continue to fascinate and awe tourists and experst alike. Between 300BC - 476AD the Romans used a material that was different from that of the Egyptians. Remarkably it is very similar to the cement we use today. Essentially Roman Architecture used a mix made from lime, volcanic ash and sea salt. This mixture produces calcium aluminum silicate hydrate otherwise known as CASH. This is the bonding material that makes ancient Roman concrete so incredibly strong and duarble. It is the reason that despite centeruries of weathering and use, much of thier fabulous architecture, such as the Colosseum and Patheons, are still standing today. The material that Romans used also contained tobermite and the mixture itself took longer to dry, which is likely why we no longer use it today.

The cement we use today is often called Portland cement and it was invented in 1824 by Joseph Aspdin of England. It is a high quality product that is both strong and durable. The 1889 Alvord Lake Bridge in San Fransico, California is the first reinforced concrete bridge ever built and it still exists today. So if you are looking for a DIY project that will last for decades and even centuries, such as the home made modern DIY outdoor concrete bench, check out 'Instructables'. 'Instructables' is a site full of projects with complete instructions that will keep you tinkering, soldering, stitching, frying and having fun for hours! It is here you can learn how to make just about anything including this homemade modern DIY outdoor concrete bench. For complete instructions visit 'Instructables' or follow the link below.

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