Homemade Snickers Bars

Feeling lonely? Grab any chocolate and it will make you happy. Scientifically speaking it will boost your serotonin levels to lighten up your mood. Feeling hungry? This time be specific; grab a Snickers bar. It is packed with roasted peanuts, nougat, and caramel and covered with milk chocolate. One bar curbs hunger. Two bars will satisfy your sweet tooth. And you値l go for third, fourth... and so on. Oh my who can resist the charm of these snicker bars? No one. You値l crave for it at anytime of the day and you値l lose your mind if your stock is empty. To prevent insanity and to satisfy your everyday craving; why not make your homemade snicker bars? Awesome!

Just like the real snickers, your homemade snicker is also made of chocolate, caramel, nougat and peanut layers. Simply by melting a mixture of your preferred chocolate chips and peanut butter, you値l have a rich chocolate. The white nougat layer is made more of marshmallow fluff and its added sweetness comes from sugar and evaporated milk. Fold in some high in protein peanuts to add a crunch. For a smooth chewy caramel layer, a bag of caramel and whipping cream will do the trick. Top it with your rich chocolate for finishing and magic! You now have your homemade snickers bar. No special cooking skills required. No need to bake. It痴 all about melting and mixing. A touch of patience because you have to let every layer to cool before you pour in the next layer. All are basic ingredients. Most of these are already available at home. Grabbing a snickers is now within your reach, anytime you want. You値l be on cloud nine when you get to taste your home made snickers.

Enjoy your homemade snickers! The link to the recipe is found on Home Sweet It Is website.

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