Hot Chocolate Cake Roll

Wow, straight out of pastry heaven, comes this delicious hot chocolate cake roll that you can really sink your teeth into! With layer upon layer of chocolate, icing and marshmallows all rolled into one incredible dessert, this recipe will trigger an explosion of decadent flavours that are guaranteed to please anyone who is a chocolate fan. Baking this sumptuous treat is a combination of an art and a science, requiring both precise cooking time and skill in rolling the cake to make a cake into an awesome hot chocolate roll complete with melted marshmallows and layers of gooey chocolatey goodness. This cake is like an epic chocolate rendition of the classic Swiss Roll, that is usually a white cake, with some strawberry or raspberry jam rolled up into it, and then topped with some icing or some whipped topping. These types of cakes have been around for centuries, and have always been extremely popular, especially in European countries and in the United Kingdom. This looks like an amazing version of the old classic, and chocolate lovers and people who prefer chocolate cake are certain to absolutely love this cakes.

I have always enjoyed making delicious treats, especially when cooking a recipe involves a challenge, and the outcome is well worth the effort. Growing up, I always helped my Mom and Grandma bake cakes for birthdays, weddings, and other events and I always loved carefully preparing and planning my cooking for the best and most delicious results possible. I once made a three-layer chocolate cake that was perfect for my brother's birthday party, although it took a whole day to bake it. With this great hot chocolate cake roll recipe, you only need less than one hour to make a great treat that is dripping with chocolate and marshmallows. Truly, less is more and with this incredible dessert you get a great deal of flavour packed into a manageable cake roll that is perfect for any occasion and only requires a little bit of time to cook. Just looking at this chocolate delight is enough to make your mouth water and your jaw drop, it is just that incredibly sumptuous and appealing.

Chocolate cake has always been a favourite to many people, and chocolate is certainly loved by probably over half of the world's population. Chocolate comes from making a powder out of the cocoa nibs that come from the cocoa pods from the cocoa plant. These are very special plants and highly regarded by the Mayan and Aztec people. They hold the plant in very high sacred esteem, and also still til this day, they do sacred ceremony with it. Now it is time for you to learn this hot chocolate cake roll recipe for yourself and impress your family and friends with a treat they will never forget. Head over to 'Eat More Chocolate' by following the link in the description below for more!

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