Hot Chocolate Monkey Bread

There are a lot of cake recipes out there; there are even more chocolate cake recipes, but this Hot Chocolate Monkey Bread recipe is one of the best chocolate cake recipes there is. It’s not just a monkey bread recipe, it’s a chocolate monkey bread recipe – and it’s not just a chocolate monkey bread recipe, it’s a HOT chocolate monkey bread recipe. That makes all of the difference in the world.

You might be wondering what monkey bread is, where it originated from, and how it gets its name. Monkey bread is a kind of coffee cake made from butter-dipped yeast dough. It is made up of small pieces that you can pick apart and eat. It’s not actually cake, then, but a kind of sweet dough that closely resembles, and tastes like, cake. Quite often it’s smothered in a hot liquid frosting or sauce that remains quite moist. Sometimes monkey bread is coated with icing sugar and cinnamon as well. Monkey bread is not only very sweet, but it’s very gooey, and if you really want to eat this yummy pastry, please be prepared for sticky hands afterwards. Monkey bread can be served as a breakfast recipe, dessert recipe, or it can be served as a special snack with coffee or tea. You can also find it at fairs and carnivals, and circus concession stands. Monkey bread is said to be an American invention that became popular in California in the 1940s. The best thing about it is that you don’t need knives, forks, or spoons to eat it. Other names for monkey bread are jumble bread, bubble loaf, sticky bread, golden crown, pluck-it cake, African coffee cake, Hungarian coffee cake, golden dumpling coffee cake, finger rolls, monkey brains, and monkey puzzle bread. Although no-one can really say where the name “monkey bread” came from, some conjecture that it’s derived from its similar appearance to the monkey puzzle tree. Others say it’s called monkey bread because, with all of its segments piled on top of each other, it literally looks like a barrel of monkeys. Whatever the reason, the term monkey bread implies letting loose and having fun, and that’s exactly what monkey bread is – a whole lot of fun baked into a cake, and not worrying about getting your fingers dirty.

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