Hot Ham & Cheese Party Rolls

It's Party Time, and you are wondering what to make. The recipe we are going to share with you is prepared with ham and cheese, rolled up in a pizza crust dough, baked with a glaze and sliced so you have attractive and appealing rounds to place onto the serving platter.

You could easily make these ahead of time doing all the prepping in the morning, then refrigerate until it is time to cook them. That way you will fill the house with cooking aromas at eating time. What a bonus for all those there to eat these tasty bites. This recipe uses Swiss cheese, but you can easily substitute your favorite cheese in this recipe along with the ham of your choice. The main thing is to be sure that both are sliced very thin.

This food would be as good at a children's party as for an adult get together. The recipe sounds so appealing just as it is, but because we are using pizza dough, it would be easy to imagine substituting salami and perhaps brushing on a layer of pizza sauce. When you find this type of recipe it can become a springboard for so many variations.

Do you prepare all your appetizers for your family events or do you steer away, worrying that they will be too difficult. There are always appetizers in the frozen section of your grocery store, but they can be quite pricey and the boxes they come in don't generally hold enough to feed a crowd. If you have not been in the habit of baking appetizers, perhaps this very easy to make recipe will be the springboard for your adventures in the kitchen.

This could also serve as a main and imagine how nice this would go with a salad or bowl of soup.

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