Houston Company Designs Roomy Tiny Houses for Only $5,000!

That dream of owning your own micro home? It just got a little more possible. That’s because Arched Cabins, a tiny house-building company based in Houston, Texas, is now designing spacious tiny houses that go for about $5000 USD. At that price, you might even want to build two or three. All you need to do is secure the land and pour the foundation, or you could even build on a foundation that’s already there. If you have livestock, you could always use the second tiny house as a barn – or, it could be a guest house, a workshop, or even a garage. These simple, yet elegant, designs are sturdy, cost-efficient, weather-resistant, and easy to build. Once the foundation is ready to go, you can build one over a 3-day period, as long as you have a few friends to help out.

Arched Cabins is a family-owned business founded by David Cruey. Their main factory is based in Cypress, Texas. Since David’s retirement, his son Joshua Cruey has taken over the management of the company, and he oversees all manufacturing operations in Cypress. What do you get when you order an Arched Cabin? They range from the 14-foot wide cabin, which is about 12 feet tall, to the 16-foot wide cabin, which is 14 feet tall, and the 20-foot wide cabin, which is 19 feet tall. A basic cabin-building kit comes with ribs, a ridge beam, floor plates, standard R13 insulation, roof paneling, trim, and fasteners for putting the cabin together. You are responsible for your own foundation as well as the installation of the cabin. You also provide the interior and end caps, and pay for any delivery costs. Arched Cabins are intended to be DIY cabins – they are very affordable do-it-yourself projects that you can build in a short period of time. If you have the money, but don’t have the time, you can also hire them to install an Arched Cabin for you.

Arched Cabins are modern-day cabins designed with two popular movements in mind – the tiny house movement and the DIY movement. The tiny home movement is based on the idea of downsizing possessions and living space in order to live a simpler, cost-efficient life. One of the great appeals of tiny - or micro home living - is that, quite often, you can buy or build your home outright – without having to take out a mortgage or owe an extravagant amount of money to the bank when you’re done. The DIY, or do-it-yourself movement is all about doing things for yourself without having to hire an expert – like, for example, building your own home. In a time when we often go to the store to buy the things we need – for example, clothes, tools, and food - do-it-yourselfers are making it a point to create or grow these valuable items at home, without relying on anyone else to do it for them. Making your own needful things, growing your own veggies, and building your own home are all very empowering experiences. They also save you money, in the long run, improve your health, if you’re growing organic produce, and inspire others, because you’re showing them how easy it is.

Arched Cabins are also a green company. They make their roof paneling from up to 50 per cent recycled steel and it comes with a forty-year warranty. All of their cabin kits come with R13 insulation to help you conserve energy. Their unique roof shape contributes to easy water collection, and they also support the use of alternative energy systems. You’ll definitely want to check out their gallery to see all of the different colours and sizes their cabins come in, and to help envision your own Arched Cabin in your very own back yard.*

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