How Long Do Horses Live?

Have you ever thought about how long do horses live? Just like humans, if a horse is well taken care of with thoughtful care and proper medicine, the lifespan of the horse will increase. Horse enthusiasts have claimed that horses that are well taken care of can live up to 30 years. Since their average age is about 28 years, advance care can add up to 5 year or so. And many horses live up beyond their typical years.

On the other hand, ponies also are more likely to live longer among them. Ponies and horses can live up to the age of 40s or more. In history, the oldest horse that was recorded to live longer was 52 years old. Normally, smaller breeds of a horse such as the Arabians live longer than the bigger breeds like the draft breeds.

However, there is always the exemption to any rules. People who have experience in taking care of horses believed that with good care of the horses, even old horses can live longer and healthy life. Horses need a maintenance and basic care in their daily life which includes basic dental care, healthy foods and hoof maintenance.

Horses are classified into three groups: the “hot bloods” that have all the strengths and endurance. Second is the “cold bloods”, these groups of horses are usually the draft horses and ponies. Lastly the “warm bloods”, they are crossbred between both hot bloods and cold bloods. And these are the types of horses you see in the street of Europe for riding purpose.

In most competition horses, they count the age of the horse every January 1 in the Northern Hemisphere, regardless of its birth day, and on each August 1 in the Southern Hemisphere. The horse keeper will decide if the horse is fit for a competition based on the horse’s definite chart age.

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