How Most Men Repel Women

How Men Repel Women! Ever thought of how some guys can easily attract women like winning the first level of Candy Crush? Also wondered why so many guys have their greatest failures with the dating scene?

A lot of men, even the most gorgeous ones, fail to consider the biggest turn-on characteristics for women, that is, Confidence and Charm. It is very interesting to find men who are not aware that these very important qualities will help them get through the blunders of being the guy whom every girl does not find appealing at all.

In all actuality, Women are easy to please upon the first meeting given the right, handful of techniques. A man should be entirely prepared with, confidence and charm. The first step is to recognize that ladies do not want someone who in uncomfortable in themselves. This means to say that a guy"s chance of gravitating a woman towards him is pretty scarce if he doesn't even consider himself attractive, to say the very least.

Women are attracted to men who can present themselves in a 'macho' manner MINUS the arrogance, mind you. There is a thick line between being confident in a conversation and someone a woman would like to get to know and in being conceited which women do not find attractive.

The next step would be fairly easy when a guy is now pretty acquainted with how to properly approach a female. Getting her to like you is not the easiest of deals when a man does not recognize an interesting tip: the power of good conversation skills.

It has been discussed so many times that women are so sensitive when it comes to man's desire to listen to what she has to say and to what she feels. During the first meeting, it is vital for a guy to engage in a casual conversation with a girl that he likes, asking her of the things she loves and determining if they share the same interests.

After a fond contact has been made, it is safe to proceed to the question of asking to see her again for the second and third time.

Dating is never a hurried game, and in order to achieve success, a man should be confident that he could get the girl of his dreams, and at the same time, charming of his actions and words.

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