How to Bake Bacon

We are featuring a recipe on how to bake bacon but let us first find out a little bit about bacon itself. Bacon varieties come from different parts of the pig and they vary from their meat, appearance, textures, flavors and they are cut into strips. In the United States, Bacon Day is celebrated on August 31st and typically people from all around the world can try different styles of bacon.

Bacon Jerky

This type of bacon is made from smoked, dry cured bacon. It has to undergo the process of slow heating in order to remove the moist from the meat. When the moisture is removed, this bacon can last long even without being refrigerated.

Canadian Bacon

The Canadian bacon is originally from the loin without including the fat like the English bacon. Therefore, people who want light, smoked bacon often opt for the Canadian bacon.

English Bacon

Similar to the Canadian bacon, the English bacon is from the loin back of the pig. However, the English bacon includes the fat around the meat. It is also smoked like the Canadian bacon. They are smoked to a higher extent and the layers of the meat produce the “stripy” look that people loved.

Jowl Bacon

This is the Italian bacon and it is made of the cheek of the pig. The jowl is scrubbed with salt, sugar, and spices and then preserved for three weeks. The flavor of the jowl is stronger than other parts of the pork and its texture are extremely soft. This is the delicacy in places such as Umbria and Lazio of Italy. You can find this in the United Stated and it is called the American jowl bacon.

Smoked Bacon

This is the type of bacon you will found in the supermarkets. Smoked bacons are conserved using sodium nitrate. During the old century, bacons were preserved using saltpeter. However during the end of the 20th century, the saltpeter, which is used to preserve the bacon, was banned because they believed it contained harmful ingredient for consumers.

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