How to Build a Bench Around a Tree

If you have a large tree that offers shade you may like the idea of building a bench around the tree. An old mature tree offer that picture perfect spot to sit and read a book. You see many styles of benches in public places that you may admire. There is no reason why you cannot have one in your own yard. If you are a DIY kind of a person, then you know all it takes is an idea, a plan, the right materials and then you can roll up your sleeves and get going.

You can use any variety of wood species that appeals to you. No matter which wood you end up choosing, in order to keep the wood from discoloring and to extend its life it will require treating the wood. You can use a variety of stains and colors to create your bench.

One of the key things to think about when building is this. If you are working with a mature tree that already has a large trunk, chances are the tree will not grow much more, and even if it does, it will be a very slow process. In this case, you can build the bench close to the trunk.

If you are building around a young tree, you must be sure to understand how wide the tree trunk is going to grow and build with proper space in the center of the bench to accommodate the growth.

Plan to do something with the growth that is under the bench as well.

If you leave grass, know that you will be needing to cut the grass as it is going to continue to grow. You can finish underneath with a matting to help stop the growth of the grass, or you can make an edged garden that grows easy to maintain spreading ground cover.

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