How to Build a Cedar Smokehouse DIY Project

If you ever wonder how meat and fish are preserved, well you have to thank a good smokehouse to make that happen. You owe smokehouses your smoked meats and fish! In the US, it is called a smoke house while the English people call it smokery. So what exactly is its purpose again? Originally, this house is meant for meat and fish to be cured using salt curing and extended cold smoke for two weeks or longer. Once the process is done, they would either remain in the area or be placed in a freezer. Another use for a smokehouse is simply a storage for food. You would usually see it in the countryside of America where ranches are present.

With the help of this storage and this special process, meat and other food are actually preserved longer so that they could last for more than two weeks when done right. If you would love to do this to your food, then you will need your own smokehouse. You can always create an alternative that won’t have to be built like the huge ones in the countryside. You can have one in your own backyard believe it or not.

You will need to use cinder blocks for the foundation and cedar planks for the walls and plan to build it with enough space where you can place the food and a space where you can also place the heat source.

There are guides all over the internet now so there is no need to worry about the process of creating it. Just be get yourself ready with all you need and you will soon have your own smokehouse. To see the step-by-step details on how you could pull this off, check out The Living Green and Frugally website. You see the process and even the right things that you will need for this project.

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