How to Build a Pallet Garden in Three Simple Steps

A Pallet Garden is the most convenient way to expand your garden. It is an efficient and simple way to make your own simple vegetable garden. All you need to get is a perfect wood pallet, soil, and some seeds. You might also want to let your kids participate in the making of the pallet garden. They will surely enjoy the adventure and would definitely love to help you throughout the process.

Here is what you need to do to create your backyard pallet garden:

Step 1: Place a basic landscaping fabric on both sides of the pallet. Make it two sheets if the cloth seems too thin. This will help you avoid any soil leakage in the future. Once you secure this step, you can do the next step.

Step 2: Fill the pallet with soil. Avoid any unfilled area and make sure that every corner of the pallet is filled thoroughly. Use a good quality growing soil. You will not need that much, so make sure what you put for soil offer the best growing medium for your plants.

Step 3: You can now plant your seed into the soil of the pallet. As time goes by, watch over your plant and care for it.

For the first few weeks, keep the pallet flat on the ground and water the soil as needed so that the roots will grow and solidly grips the plant. Once this is done, and the plants have grown bigger, you can then place the pallet upright. At first some soil might fall out from the pallet but this is normal, and it will be fine.

Do not forget to water the plant as needed, especially during hot seasons where the plants and soil will become immediately dry. Also, pay close attention to the bottom of the soil since it is more vulnerable to dryness. You can also sprinkle some fertilizer to keep the plants in good condition. This way of gardening can help you saves a lot of money, too!

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