How to Build an Apple Crate Display Case

Crate! According to Wikipedia, it is “a large shipping container, often made of wood, typically used to transport large, heavy or awkward items.” For a wooden container to be a crate, all of its six sides must be in place to result in the rated strength of the container. In general discussion, the word crate is sometimes used to signify a wooden box. Although the designation of a wooden crate, as in contrast to a wooden box, is clear, the structure of the two often results in a container that is not clearly a box or a crate.

Both wooden boxes and wooden crates are created to contain unique and awesome items, the design of either a box or crate may use principles from both. There are a lot of variations of a wooden crate designs. Most of the common are closed, open, and framed. A closed crate is something that is completely enclosed with material such as, lumber boards or plywood. An open crate is something that uses lumber for sheathing. A frame crate is one that only includes a skeletal structure, and no material is added to its surface.

So what are the advantages of wooden crates? First is; crates can be manufactured and repaired locally. Second, it has good ventilation as well as fast pre-cooling is possible. Third, crates are relatively resistant to any different weather conditions and sea water. Lastly, it is often used on more than one journey and has a higher efficiency for larger fruits. BUT the downside of it is that, untreated wood can easily be contaminated with bacteria and fungi. Treatment of wooden crates with paint may also cause and produce deterioration. Therefore, proper management can be one of the priorities.

The disposal might be one of its disadvantages, but worry no more as you can use its crate to create a display case. You can check more of the information by visiting ‘Addicted 2 Fashion’ website, or simply click the link below.

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