How to Build this Wood Flat-Pack Picnic Table

Now that summer is fast approaching; you might be looking for a good picnic table to host all of your gatherings around. This Instructable on How to Build this Wood Flat-Pack Picnic Table is the perfect plan for you to have an awesome easy to move, portable picnic table. The picnic table they made is made all out of reclaimed wood from a discount builder's warehouse in San Francisco, which is why you see all the different colours of wood in the table. I think it looks pretty cool, like a mosaic!

They basically took all of the boards, and because most of them were shorter, they used them running width-wise on the table. Then they also added a really cool feature in the middle of the table, a trough that you can put plants in or probably more what they intended it for and what most people would like to use it for, beer! Just fill up the trough with ice and stick in your beers to stay chilled and ready to grab another one. Such a great idea for the summer time.

They made it so that everything could be portable, so they could fit it in a car or small vehicle since they didn't have a truck. It would also be great just as a permanent piece of furniture in the back yard. The Instructable is very informative and has all of the information you need to get the materials and supplies, and the tools you will need to build this picnic table. The step by step instructions are very thorough and have all the steps necessary to build this all on your own.

So when you are ready to build your picnic table, you will be glad you added this link to your favourites. Head over to Instructables ' by following the link in the description below for more!

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