How to Clean a Cast Iron Pan in a Very Simple Way

Cleaning cast iron can be most people's worst nightmare, but it truly doesn't have to be. Here is a great tutorial on How to Clean a Cast Iron Pan in a Very Simple Way from Snap Guide's website. Many people love cast iron pans, and those who don't own them might be a little put off to own any simply because of the care that they need. But cast iron pans are actually not that difficult to clean, it's knowing the right way to clean them that is the trick. This simple cleaning tip can save you lots of time and stress over whether or not you will wreck your cast iron pans. So heed these directions and you will be on your way to having the cleanest cast iron you have ever had.

Cast iron is a very popular choice when it comes to kitchen equipment, and the people who love cast iron are die hard fans of these great pans. They are an old favourite having been used for such a long time. Before Teflon or stainless steel, people basically only cooked with cast iron pots and pans, as well as kettles. Many things throughout history have used cast iron to be made. The cast iron bathtub that continues to be a favourite for some is one item; cast iron was used to make ovens and stoves, as well as furniture, tools, hardware and other very useful items. These items still exist today, and most of the cast iron items from past times, are still in wonderful condition and fair better than the plastics and other composite materials used in the modern age.

So, lets get down to business and get your cast iron pans clean. There are some no no's when it comes to cast iron pans; you never want to boil water in them or add cold water to them. This ruins their non-sticking abilities. You also never want to use sharp metal on a cast iron pan which will make more cuts and creases for food to get lodged in. There is a special tool that has been made specifically to be used to scrape the gunk off of the cast iron pans, and it is made out of a thick plastic, or silicone, or sometimes bamboo or wood. Basically, a material that will not scratch up the cast iron. So you use this to scrape off any food residue after running some hot water in the pan.

The next step is the part that does the work and it may surprise you what is used. You sprinkle some oatmeal in the cast iron pan, just regular plain old oatmeal, and scrub it around with your finger tips. This really helps to scrub off any leftover food residue. Then, you use coconut oil to season the pan, and this part of the cleaning is so important because it seals the pores in the cast iron pan which help to keep food from sticking to it. You don't need a lot just a bit and you just massage it into the pan to get all of the surfaces covered. So that is basically all that you need to do to have perfectly clean, and seasoned cast iron pans once again! You shouldn't need to do this too often, but you could do it whenever you feel like there is too much old food getting stuck onto your pan. Make sure you don't use soap or sponges on the cast iron as the soap can leave a residue and the sponge can leave the germs. So now you can feel more confident about cleaning your cast iron now that you know this extremely easy way to go about doing it. Make sure you try it out and also share this with your friends so they can reap the benefits of simple, no fuss cast iron cleaning!

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