How To Clean a Food Processor Lid, Blade, and Handle, the BEST Way

Do you ever get frustrated after cleaning your kitchen appliances and still find some stain and foods stuck up in the handle or the underside of the blade? Realizing you didnít clean them thoroughly and found yourself putting them back again in the dish washer, or you run with so much pressure of water just to get them off. This is really way too frustrating especially if you are cleaning your food processor lid, blade, and handle. You may have tried every skinny tool that could reach the inside of the blade and the handle, from chopsticks fitted with paper towels, toothpicks, Q-tips or even pipe cleaner and shish-kabob stick. But then, everything just got complicated.

Worry not ladies! Here is the best tool you need to perfectly clean your food processorís parts. But of course you need to buy this one if you donít have it. This tool can easily be found at Target. Itís the water bottle brush and you should get the one that is in a kit. The one I found best is the OXO where three brushes in different sizes come together. This water bottle cleaning set includes a long bottle brush, straw brush and detail cleaner which is the teeny-tiny scrub brush for those hard to reach places. Perfect! But make sure itís a non- abrasive brush to avoid scratching the plastic. With these new tools, cleaning your food processor will only take under five minutes.

Hereís how you do it. First and foremost, in order to test these tools, make a recipe where the food can get up in the nooks and crannies. Separate the motor base from all of its components; leaving the bowl, lid pushers and blades and submerge them into a sink full of warm water with mild dish soap. Wash them using the brushes and a soft cloth. You start by cleaning blade. Scrub the inside of the blade using the smallest brush in the set. Inspect every small, tight space of each part of your processor and other tiny neglected nooks. You can use white vinegar as well if you need extra oomph in case the soapy water canít help. There are some ingredients of your food that may be hard to get off using a mild soap. Rinse all parts thoroughly and allow them to dry.

Very easy right? There are so many things you can do to make things simple. Donít make every thing complicated and be confident to try things that will help you out. Please visit 'The Kitchn' website for more information.

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