How to Clean a Greasy Sausage Skillet with a Paper Towel Tube - Amazing

You're whipping up a nice meal for your family, and everything is going great, you have all the vegetables cooked to perfection, the table is set and ready to receive the main course... you've rinsed all the dishes but you have that one pan you cooked the meat in that is burnt and greasy and you already are rolling your eyes knowing you will have to clean it.

This is a scenario that happens to all of us. Cooking meats and fats in a metal or a Teflon pan often leads to a messy end that requires some serious scrubbing and sometimes a metal scrubby or other caustic chemical.

Have you ever wondered if there is a better way to clean up the mess with less stress? Well in this video featured on Youtube by Elton Media, you will learn how you can clean a greasy sausage skillet without anything else except a paper towel tube. It sounds almost too good to be true, but it honestly works like a miracle cleaner! This man takes a greasy sausage skillet and adds a bit of water to it, then he places it back on the stove top element for a few moments. He later proceeds to take his paper towel (or toilet paper) tube and wipes the grease off like magic, over the garbage bin to avoid putting grease down the drain.

Normally we just toss these tubes into the garbage or recycling, but now you can add them to your cleaning arsenal and save some time and money. It is the best trick I've seen in a long time, and it will definitely be something I'll be using from now on. SO if you have ever had a burnt and greasy pan that you have a hard time cleaning, go ahead and try this trick and be amazed at the cleaning power of a simple paper towel tube.

Watch the 'You Tube' below and see for yourself.

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