How To Clean A Tarnished Copper Pot Without A Harmful Chemicals

Copper pots if not used as often as they should be, can develop a dark discolor stain. The discoloration is a result from oxidation reaction in the metal caused by the exposure of air. Despite the discoloration, the copper pot can still recover its clean, copper looks back. These are what you should do to make the copper clean again:

1.Prepare the cleaning materials you are going to use, and they are vinegar and salt.

2.Pour the salt and the vinegar at the back of the copper pot and wait for few minutes.

3.Afterward, you can see the area has changed its color. Brush the area thoroughly with a sponge that is soaked with vinegar, repeat step two and keep on brushing until it is clean.

4.Once you are done, and the copper pot has recovered its clean, copper color, rinse the copper pot, and you are done!

Apart from using vinegar and salt, there are also hundreds of other natural methods in cleaning your tarnished copper pot:

Sliced Lemon and Salt

Get a half-sliced of lemon, dip it in salt and rub it onto the pot. Do not waste your lemon away but use it sparingly. And you will get back your clean, copper pot in this simple trick!

Salt, Flour and Vinegar

For this method, you can use either vinegar or lemon juice, and the result is the same since both have the same PH levels. Mix the three ingredients until it became a paste, apply it on the entire exterior of the copper pot, wait for few minutes and rinse it well.


Who would have thought ketchup can clean copper? The person who came up with this idea must be good in chemistry! The ketchup method is the same as the salt, flour vinegar paste. It is as easy as that. You can also learn more about cleaning copper tools using safe and natural material in YouTube tutorial videos.

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