How to Clean and Reseason Cast Iron the Easy Way

Now that people are starting to realize that the old tools and things our grandparents and great grandparents used back in the day are better for our heath and not as disposable as the cheap things we find at Walmart these days.

There is a revolution of people starting to use stoneware, dutch ovens, ceramic and cast iron pans and cookware. Teflon is showing more signs of not being good for our health and wellbeing, and there are many studies that show this if you search on the internet and research for yourself. The chemical Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) in non - stick cook ware is what makes things “non-stick” and is classified as a “likely carcinogen” which means it is a chemical that could likely cause cancer in the human body. So it's basically toxic. So if you want to give up the Teflon, switching to cast iron, or stainless steel is awesome!

The only thing with cast iron that people don't like is that it can absorb the smells and tastes of the food over time and the oils that are soaked into the pores become rancid. But now there is a way to clean it and Melissa on the Bless this Mess blog shows us exactly how. All you need is some dish soap and hot water, vegetable oil and an oven and a few hours at home to monitor the process. Once they are done cleaning your cast iron skillet will feel as good as new and ready to take on many more years of cooking up great food for family and friends. People are realizing that these items are longer lasting which means you don't have to dish out more money on new pots every few years. Plus it keeps less stuff from piling up in the landfills. Good on the wallet and the Earth! That's something we can all appreciate! Head over and read up!

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