How To Clean Copper Pots With Vinegar And Salt

You don't always have to run out to the store and stock up on expensive household cleaners, quite often it's the simple ingredients and supplies you have lying around the house, that will get the job done. If you own copper pots you will want to learn "How To Clean Copper Pots With Vinegar And Salt" a simple cleaning recipe that will not only save you money, but have your kitchen looking shiny and new.

Now that summer is over, and the holiday season is quickly approaching, many of us feel a need to get going on some cleaning projects that we have been putting aside for a while. If you can try and do a couple of things a week, its possible to keep on top of things and have a sparkling house from top to bottom. Well maybe a little more than one or two projects a week, but a person can dream right. Always remember to clean smarter and not harder! This simple cleaning trick was shared by the authors very own mother. This is how to clean copper pots and make those copper bottoms shine like new using just vinegar and salt! Itís a quick, cheap,and easy green way to clean copper pots and pans. To start you will need salt, white vinegar and a scour pad. Yep that's it, can you believe it? So you'll want to sprinkle salt onto the bottom of your copper pans. Next you will want to pour or spray your white vinegar onto the salt. This is more fun than science class! Keep watching and it will change color, you will see it working right before your eyes. Now take your scour pad and rub that vinegar around and into that salt. Add more vinegar and salt as needed and continue to scrub the copper pot. That's all you have to do, its that easy! Your copper pots will be shiny and brighter then ever before.

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