How To Clean Stove Grates. Easy And No Scratching

If you have a stove top that uses grates or drip pans, these cleaning tips are going to come in really handy for you. DIY Super Mom shows us how to clean stove grates easily and with no scratching on her YouTube channel. People usually don't know how to get all of the cooked on grime and gunk off of their store grates. The stains and build up can be so hard to remove that it can cause scratching on the metal if you're not careful and if you use an abrasive scrub brush or pad. Many people just choose to replace their stove grates when they're too dirty, but why replace them when there are easy stove cleaning tips you can try first. In this day and age with everything being so disposable, people are trying reuse, clean and recycle whenever possible. The less stuff we throw away means that there is less stuff that ends up in our landfills. So thank goodness for the internet and people like DIY Super Mom for sharing their expert cleaning tips with us all and make our lives easier. The great thing about most of these internet cleaning tips is that they are super easy and they don't require a lot of tools to accomplish.

This is one of those stove cleaning tips that actually works, and you can see how well it works with your own eyes when you watch the video of DIY Super Mom showing us how it's done. All you need is some ammonia and some plastic zip lock bags. You've probably also heard of how to clean ovens with ammonia and how the ammonia helps to remove really stuck on grime and grease. This stuff is super powerful and potent, so you do want to make sure that you're being safe while you're using it. Make sure you wear a mask on your face if the scent bothers you because breathing in ammonia can be harmful to your mucus membranes in your throat and nose. Be sure to keep your kids away when you're working on clueing things with ammonia and also have proper ventilation. To clean your grates with the ammonia, first you put your stove grate in the bag and then you spray ammonia from a spray bottle into the bag. You could wear gloves if you wanted hand protection too. Once the grates are covered in ammonia, simply seal the bag and let the grates sit overnight to allow the ammonia to work it's magic.

In the morning, or the next day, just take the grates out of the bags and start wiping them down with a scrubby sponge. As you'll see in the video, the grime just melts right off of the grate exposing the true grey colour. You may have to scrub a bit more for really tough stains, but for the majority of stains, they should just come off. This same tutorial is also how to clean ovens with ammonia. Just spray the inside of your oven with ammonia, including the wire racks and leave it closed overnight. Then, the next day, just wash the inside of the oven down with paper towels and some water. This is one of the best stove cleaning tips you'll try because it's really easy and super effortless. You could also try this method with the drip pans from electric stove tops, and just put the drip pans in the zip lock bags with the ammonia. Try it out and see the great results it gives you. Check out more of DIY Super Mom's videos on YouTube as well.***

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