How To Clean Your Microwave With A Lemon

Got a filthy microwave? Wanting to clean it but don’t know what to use? Looking for a good old cheaper way of cleaning those filthy stains? No problem! We’ve got a solution that fits your needs perfectly. Have you heard of lemon as a cleaning agent? Yes, you got it right!

Lemon, the yellow fruit from the lemon tree, is used in culinary and non-culinary purposes. This fruit is used throughout the world for its juice, pulp and zest that are also used for cooking and baking. Do you know that the juice of lemon is 5% to 6 % citric acid? This is the main reason the lemon has a sour taste. Here is a little information about lemon as a cleaning agent, as we all know, the juice of the lemon is what we used for cleaning. If you have a copper cookware, you can use a halved lemon dipped in salt or baking powder to brighten it. How does lemon work its magic? The acid is what dissolves the tarnish and abrasives assist in cleaning. What’s interesting is that lemon can also be used as a sanitary kitchen deodorizer. Wow! Lemon is one amazing fruit. Its juice can deodorize, remove grease, bleach stains and disinfect when you mixed it with baking soda.

A microwave oven is a common kitchen appliance that is often used to reheat foods such cooking popcorn, heat soups, pizza and other leftover foods that you want to reheat. Since this kitchen appliance is used often, it does get filthy with stains and smell from the foods you are reheating in it. It is very important to clean thoroughly removing the smell too.

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